Mislabeled & Fake CBD Oil Invading Amazon’s Online Platform

CBD oil bottle

Millions of people shop for pretty much everything on Amazon on a daily basis. Dietary supplements is just one of many categories of products that can be found on the mega online retailer’s website. Since CBD is a dietary supplement (or is it not?!), it makes sense for many people to search for it on Amazon — the only problem is, there is no real CBD oil there!

First of all, CBD is considered a drug not a dietary supplement, although it is widely described as both by many common users and even professionals. The FDA does not allow companies to label CBD products as a dietary supplement and has been cracking down on companies selling mislabeled products.

But regardless of whether it is a drug or a dietary supplement, Amazon has a clear policy that prohibits the sale of any products that contain cannabidiol (CBD) on their platform. This means you won’t find any genuine product (oil, tincture, gummies, and such) that actually contains CBD on their website.

However, as you may noticed already, there are plenty of hemp products listed on Amazon, including various types of hemp oil and tincture, but hemp isn’t CBD. The real CBD oil is made from cannabinoid extracts from hemp flowers (and sometimes the leaves and other green parts of the plant), on the other hand, hemp oil is often made from the seeds, which do not contain cannabinoids.

Hemp seed oil contains many nutritious and healthy ingredients, like omega fatty acids and vitamins. It can be used as a food, dietary supplement or natural remedy for some health issues, but it does not contain any remarkable amount of CBD. So, all of those hemp oil and other kinds of hemp products you can find on Amazon are made from hemp seeds and are free from cannabidiol.

Some companies try to trick buyers by listing the dosage of hemp extract on the label, but again, hemp extracts may not always contain CBD, which is the case with hemp seed extracts. Unless the label lists the dose of CBD, not hemp or hemp extract, you should probably pass and go find another product that leaves no doubt about what you’re buying.

You will not find pure CBD oil on Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens and most other big retail stores because they all don’t yet carry it. You’ll need to order the real stuff from reputable companies that provide a lab report for purity and potency. Do your own research and educate yourself before you waste your money on some scammy products.

It is also advised to avoid products that make excessive health claims without providing any evidence to support the claims. None of the common benefits of CBD has been fully proven in clinical settings and every consumer and company can make whatever claims they want.

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